The small-business
struggle is real

It can be a frantic-battle running your own business.
Our coaching will help you move from #sigh to #on-a-high!

Escape the overwhelm

Our reviews provide a format to talk through the real problems that impact your world on a day to day basis.

Having a plan, knowing your strengths and implementing the tools that leverage your precious time are at the heart of our coaching sessions.

Re-connect with your ‘why’

It’s amazing how much better you can feel after having a deep dive into what makes your business tick and having those “Aha!” moments and can see a clear direction ahead.

Our coaching and business tools have helped thousands of New Zealand businesses to gain confidence, simplify and take new ground in a frantic digital environment.

Overcome problem areas

  • How can I make my website sell and engage?

  • My digital tools are a mess – how can I integrate to save time?

  • My socials and marketing is not hitting its stride…

  • What do we need to do to be safer and more secure online?

  • What should I focus on first? There’s so many things to do!

Our most popular coaching options

Digital presence

  • Grow your business online
  • Stimulate organic growth
  • Do it yourself SEO
  • Be relevant on social media
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Market direct to your audience


We’ll comprehensively review your digital footprint online and walk you through all kinds of practical changes you can make to get in control of your business and see it work harder for you in the digital space.

Digital productivity

  • Save time
  • Simplify your workflows
  • Learn about the latest digital tools
  • Keep more accurate information
  • Leverage your success and grow your business operationally


There are so many tools and ways of thinking about productivity it can be dizzying. We’ll review your day-to-day business operation and provide ways to simplify, save time and increase your business capability.

Cyber security

  • Understand the different threats to your business and how to address them
  • Ensure that your critical data is backed up and secure
  • Identify gaps in your current security
  • Stop attacks before they start


Cyber security is more than “set and forget.” There are measures you can take now that will save your business and your livelihood from potential digital loss. We’ll help you assess your greatest threats delivering you more peace of mind and a solid understanding of the practices and tools to ensure a safe and secure digital footprint.

Let’s talk

We’d love to chat about your business and hear what you’re wrestling with – fire us an email and tell us which coaching plan you’re interested in.