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Fast-to-market web application solutions that work!

Actually. You’d be surprised how often that isn’t the case. And to understand why – we need to talk about the current challenges developers have to wrestle with: keeping pace with innovation, prioritising customer experience, making the most of rich data.

Our development process begins with tapping into excitement

Do you have an idea?

Is your Software stuck in development “no-man’s land”?

Do you need a bigger team for your product to go beyond the initial development  and take it to market?

We can…

  • Help develop your idea

  • Start from scratch

  • Rework your software and iron out the kinks

  • Brand it
  • Take it to market
  • Continually develop

Minimum viable products are our speciality…. taking your product to market without the massive scary financial risk.

There’s a trend to outsource or develop ‘lean’ solutions that in the long run – don’t. actually. work. They become too expensive to maintain, can’t be adapted to meet market shifts or take advantage of opportunities or pivot points. In countless cases – short term thinking and poor digital literacy, results in work that has to be re-built from the ground up to fulfil the actual business case of the software. This isn’t ideal for anyone.

We’re not suggesting a bloated or expensive process – we’re talking about working
with refinement and growth in mind. Nothing in our current digital landscape is static,
so it doesn’t make sense to develop in a vacuum.

Web applications

with impact

School Election Manager

Making a difference in New Zealand school elections

Designed and developed a School Election Manager to simplify the School Board of Trustees election process.
300 schools are using this service allowing schools to easily manage the election process and receive online nominations from parents wanted to join the Board. Impact: significant time saving, reduced cost to run an election, reducing paper based processes and instant information on the election process.

schools have taken their elections online

Digital Action Plan

Leading service to grow digital use in NZ

Our pioneering software service to help organisations create a personalised Digital Action Plan. A service used by countless organisations like Xero, ASB, NZTE, Auckland Unlimited and Spark. Latest version includes a benchmarking service to provide an organisation with a report on how its digital uptake compares to similar businesses in their industry. Impact: free assessment used by over 18,000 organisations with year on year growth in digital maturity, work in recognised here in NZ and overseas.

annual growth on uptake


NZ fastest growing Careers Education service

Our leading Career Education software to provide a careers advisors with a website to centralise careers information. Whilst providing High School students with an automated email service to promote career opportunities and jobs available. . Impact: simplified careers management, sharing and automating career/job information.

careers emails automated each month