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If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that education plays a role much larger than “academic learning” in our lives. Effective education has to consider physical and emotional wellbeing and broader emotional and personal development. This means big changes for how education will look over the next 5-10 years. The time to innovate is now.

From working with a diverse range of organisations – schools/brands/education providers we’ve developed a unique set of skills for the education sector. We combine innovative business thinking, digital fitness and a genuine heart for people into cohesive creative solutions that have impact.

Education is so often driven by base function. (The most available/cost effective solution at any given time). Innovation seeks to challenge norms, actively seek opportunities and connections between new technology, ground breaking thinking and business IQ.

The result is new products, experiences and initiatives that have the power to change the game in education and the wider community.

Let’s talk, we’re keen to travel a km in your shoes and look for new opportunities together.

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Projects we’ve done

School Election Manager

Making a difference in New Zealand school elections

Replacing the traditional paper-based approach, our easy-to-use software digitises the election process for nominating, voting and notifying schools on the elected board members.   Over 300 schools are now using this service. 

Financial Calculator

Benchmarking tool for school’s financial data

Software to calculate financial reports in a matter of minutes. Taking a manual process that took hours of processing into a simple solution, enhancing productivity, providing more accurate information and historical data to indicate financial change.


Careers education service for students and career advisors

Software as a Service solution that creates an information hub to promote careers, events and education resources. Automated engagement with students and a collaboration service makes this software stand out.